Tax Services for Pagans, Thelemites, Magicians and Occultists

I have been a practicing magician for over 25 years, with experience in wiccan, pagan, and ceremonial groups. I have always done my own taxes, and often assisted my family and friends with their returns as well. Eventually I decided to go to tax school and obtain my license to prepare tax returns professionally. I have a mainstream tax business based in Southern California but I am now offering my services especially to those in the pagan and occult communities throughout the country.

I earned an MBA and a Certificate in Financial Planning and Management for Nonprofit Organizations. I am credentialed as an Enrolled Agent by the IRS, qualified to prepare individual and business tax returns and provide tax advice in all 50 states.

All clients’ personal and financial information is strictly confidential and kept off-line in encrypted storage, used only for preparing and filing tax returns as required by law.

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