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If you are a member of a non-profit spiritual group (meaning that money coming in is used to support the group, not make someone rich), then you may be able to deduct these contributions on your tax return:

  • Donations of Money Dues, donations, and any other money you contribute to help support the group count as charitable contributions. Note that this does not include things for which you get something tangible in return. For example, if you buy a book it’s not a donation because you got something in return. But “intangible religious benefits” are OK, so if your donation was for a ritual, it’s deductible.
  • Donations of Items If you donate something like a censer or a computer to your group, you can deduct its value.
  • Expenses for the Group If you incur expenses for your group, like buy candles for a ritual and don’t get reimbursed, you can deduct these as well.
  • Mileage You can deduct 14 cents per mile you drive as part of your volunteer service to your group. For example, if you officiate in a ritual or help with cleanup you can deduct the miles you drive to and from the event.

Note: these are general guidelines, and as every person’s situation is different, you should check with a qualified tax professional to determine if you are eligible for these deductions. Your group must also meet certain requirements, which will be the subject of my next article.

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